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Best High Risk Merchant Account Solutions

Online businesses, by definition, incorporate more risk to the credit card processor than conventional businesses. These businesses are considered high risk merchant accounts because of high sales volumes and the susceptibility to fraud due to the "card not present" environment. High risk merchant accounts can earn enormous revenue but often encounter difficulty accepting online payments due to a lack of processors willing to accept certain industry risks. Any businesses with one or more of the following characteristics can be categorized as a high risk merchant business:

  • The merchant is not registered as required by law.
  • The merchant is blacklisted by merchant account providers/credit card processing companies for reasons of bankruptcy, fraudulent dealings, etc.
  • The merchant's credit history is inconsistent. (Bad/Poor Credit, Low Fico Score)
  • The merchant's business is in any of the following industries: telemarketing, travel, online pharmacy, gaming, ticketing, entertainment, downloadable software, adult, credit repair, loan modification, etc.
  • The merchant generates large volumes of sales resulting in a large number of transactions; this is likely to lead to increased instances of fraud and numerous charge-backs.
  • The merchant processes an insignificant volume of sales and fewer numbers of transactions. Such a business may not be able to afford the heavy expenses involved with the purchase of fraud screening software/tools and other miscellaneous features as well as making payments required towards third party processor fees.

Who Are the High Risk Merchant Companies?

  • Adult entertainment, XXX, Adult Book Stores
  • Travel, Tours, Timeshare Advertising & Relief
  • Pharmacy, Mail Order Pharmacies, Pet Med Pharmacy
  • Online Casinos and Gaming, Fantasy Sports
  • Documentation Prep, Doc Prep Student Loan Merchants
  • Interest Rate Reductions, Loan Modification, Refinancing
  • Real Estate REOs, Foreclosure Relief, Debt Reduction
  • Auto Title Loans, Payday Loans, Check Cashing Storefronts
  • PC Tech Support, Computer Repair, Virus Removal
  • Advertising & Marketing Companies, SEO Businesses
  • Credit Restoration and Credit Repair Business
  • Telemarketing, Call Centers
  • CBD Oil Merchants, Medical Marijuana, Kratom Retailers, HCG Diet Drops
  • Tobacco and E-Cigarettes, Glass Retailers, Smoke Shops, Retail Head Shops
  • Debt Settlement Companies, Debt Buyers Collection Agency
  • Male Enhancement, Diet Pills, Weight Loss Supplements
  • ISP and Hosting services
  • Large Ticket Items, Big Transaction Tickets, High Monthly Volume
  • Discount Membership Clubs, Vacation Clubs
  • Escort Agencies, Online Dating Services

Businesses in these industries are not automatically considered high risk merchants. The degree of risk varies from one merchant to another depending on a host of factors, including banking or aggregation parameters.